Transitional Care

A nasty disorder troubles healthcare today. It constricts access, drives up cost of care and politicizes the entire healthcare system. Patients are the recipients of increased expense and dubious outcomes. These issues are costly waste, lack of coordinated care, and the poor management of chronic disease. It is a sorry state of affairs that the solutions for these ingrained, unmanaged healthcare issues are simply not in practice. This problem has created a national response. The “cause-effect” is predominately in the form of cost-saving efforts that are aimed at cutting provider compensation. This economic approach to bludgeoning physician-hospital medical expenses into line is accompanied by an ever-increasing movement of setting-up bureaucratic panels to meter out resources, i.e., rationing of care.


Against that factual backdrop, The Flagship Physician Network (FPN) is driven to implement a new model that will constructively solve these difficulties.  The foundation pier system of the proposed Flagship philosophy and operational strategy is population management.


We are not alone in this awareness that population management is the key to positive change. Commitment is growing in the form of a national awareness that high quality, efficient and effective care must be coordinated when needed. Also, care must be delivered at the right level of acuity. The Flagship population served will be maintained in a state of good health, and when they need intervention…proactive transitional care will follow in a cost effective manner.


This portal is the entry way to confront and/or counsel workers and their families that struggle with insulin resistance, diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular issues, body composition (BMI), pulmonary compromised, and addictions, of all types.  


“N’est-ce pas?”

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