Company Store

Your “COMPANY STORE” for New Revenues

    PDA is the IPA physician platform for the Flagship Network. As a traditional IPA, PDA functions are typically credentialing, maintaining managed care contracts, and assisting when physician offices must interface with insurers. But, there is a dynamic new dimension of the PDA mission and scope of services.  PDA is committed to helping its member physicians make more money with no added hassle and without greater time commitments.  As physicians, we have been subjected to a ratcheting-down of reimbursement process that puts us near and sometimes below the break-even point for our practices.  New revenue sources are essential to physicians who wish to remain independent practitioners.

    To make this goal a reality, the “Company Store” concept was created, with ready-to-use revenue sources to fit almost any practice style.  All the items on the shelves of the Company Store have three qualities in common:  1) they provide needed services to patients and 2) they generate physician revenue without adding hassle or time commitments, and (3) for quality purposes they are vetted by the PDA Ancillary products committee.  Many of the services have been mandated by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and many are being monitored as part of HEDIS standards.  The primary care physicians of PDA will be prescribing these services.  That’s a given.  Each physician must decide if his prescriptions will generate income for himself or for someone else.  The default easy answer is to write a prescription and hope the patient complies with your instructions to be tested.  The proactive answer for both the patient and you, the physician, is to see the test completed in your office to 1) guarantee compliance and 2) directly utilize the generated revenue. 

    There is a productivity driven financial model for each of these products. A quick work-up of the numbers and a view of possible new incremental income can be a positive experience. Every contribution to profit after covering fixed practice cost and only requiring variable cost is new incremental income that is associated with a larger profit margin.

     The following items are available on the shelves of the PDA Company Store for use in your office:

        • Allergy Testing
        • Cognitive Testing for Early Alzheimer’s
        • Audio Testing / Audiometry
        • Nerve Conduction Testing
        • Biometric Testing and CLIA Testing
        • Bone Density (Mobile Dexa Scan)
        • Company Doctor Program
        • Electronic Medical Record
        • Fundus Photography and Glaucoma Testing
        • Insurance Products:  Medicare Advantage marketing
        • Stress Testing and Spirometry
        • Telemedicine
        • Ultrasound:  Echocardiography and Vascular Ultrasound
        • Wellness Programs

     For more information and news on new services and products... Contact 972-484-5889.