Company Doctor


A Company Doctor is good for business, for employee well being, and for the bottom line. Your Doctor brings a competent balance to the interests of the Company and employee. Whether in scrubs and a white coat seeing patients, or at the conference room table… the practitioner is an important resource for a business’ common best interest. At the cutting edge of the “new normal” is the physician who understands business.  The Company Doctor brings productivity awareness, quality management insight and practical benefits knowledge.  Our concept of today’s Company Doctor revolves around the following deliverables:

    • Direct patient care may be included or not as the Company and Company Doctor decide. (Options range from [1] carrying the owner-CEO’s phone number in the physician’s cell or [2] a hot line for business emergency, [3] actual on-site clinical services and biomedical testing, and [4] confidential management/employee counseling regarding healthcare options and potential sites)
    • Quarterly, the Company Doctor and management will meet to discuss achievement of access, quality care, patient satisfaction and economic performance to budget.  The new income for the physician is a consulting fee, potential new patients from the employee group, plus other income opportunities.
    • The PDA Medical Director oversees each corporate client and supports the Company physician (No charge). This oversight provides fully licensed, general lines benefits consultant capability with actual insurance company utilization review experience,
    • The Company Doctor team knows how the Company benefit plan actually works and where it may be deficient. Again, the medical and economic best interests of the worker and business are represented and always protected.
    • The Company Doctor is a personal health advocate who knows how to navigate the “ins and outs” of a complex healthcare system plus the important, potentially costly aspect of referral insight. 
    • In today’s world, the premium is on employee retention, enhancement of well being, and minimizing medical leave. After overseeing employee biometric testing, the Company Doctor will look for savings in:

                                           *  DISEASE MANAGEMENT  *  WELLNESS NEEDS  * PAIN MANAGEMENT  *  MANAGED REFERRAL 


The Company Doctor will also be available to support development and fund raising efforts. Also, he can interface with the local press relating to healthcare issues. The Company Doctor program de-centralizes care and brings it back to the local level with management attention. A Company Doctor stands as an example of forward thinking and leadership style to your entire work force, the surrounding community, and the media. The financial pressures of the “new normal” have created the right climate for this rejuvenation. The Company Doctor is now ready to take a place beside management for the success of business in America today.