Ancillary Services



   *  Baseline
   *  Essential Component for Population Management

Provide important baseline data to share the direction of the company's corporate wellness program. Creates an aggregate report of workforce health screening.

Comprehensive Blinded Report to Owner/Operator   

   *    Flagship Exclusive


Building a Personal Medical Record

    *   Optional
    *   Essential Component for Population Management

Needed to populate telemedicine, electronic medical records, "blinded" reports of workforce health status, and requirements of third party administrators (TPA) and reinsurance actuaries.

Large Claim Report Analysis
    * If Available

An audit of past claims :: compared to personal medical record (PMR)

Contact Workers' Personal Physicians
    *   "Company Doctor"

Physicians who currently care for participating employees and their dependents, who have been made personally aware of the Flagship program. Necessitates a personal call to the physician's office and a delivered Letter of Introduction from the client.

    *   Optional

The exchange of medical information to improve a patient's clinical health status by a medical professional.

Everyday Health Program
    *   Complimentary

An internet-based product to assist and educate the overall wellness of the employee.

Onsite Chronic Disease Intervention & Care Program
    *   Provided by Onsite Utilization Monitor (OUM), a licensed home care provider

The management and monitoring of employee's chronic disease. This service aims to help control the effects and steers workers and their dependents to wellness solutions.