Welcome to The Flagship Physician Network

The Flagship Physician Network
 is an organization of independent physicians who have joined forces to provide direct contracting for DFW Metroplex employers.  This physician organization is specifically designed to support the needs of employers and employees with ERISA-based self-funded health plans.  This design results in high quality healthcare with lower insurance cost for the employer.  At the same time, the physician benefits from improved reimbursements, less hassle, and no extra demands on his time.

The contracting arsenal also includes commercial insurance plans, disease specific programs, wellness and biometric assessment, governmental senior plans and state programs for the uninsured.  In particular, The Flagship brings versatility and contracting know-how to smaller employers who are generally ignored by the ACOs of the behemoth hospital systems.

The Flagship Network™ is intended to improve quality while reducing cost of care.Savings will be realized by reducing uncoordinated fee-for-service care, eliminating bureaucracy, and improving physician enthusiasm for control of their own destiny. 

The Flagship product unites physicians with licensed benefits experts to provide local community-based care. The Flagship alters and redirects patterns of outmigration to tertiary care centers. There are medical issues that are best handled in tertiary centers, but the majority of medical issues can be more efficiently and safely addressed in community hospitals.  In addition, the lives of patient and family are less disrupted.  In the world of medicine, bigger isn’t necessarily better.

"I have seen physician-hospital teamwork in action. It was profitable for the physicians and a boon for the patients. It was my privilege to help create direct contracts with businesses of all sizes, including a contract for the employees of our own hospital."
Daniel S. Karin, M.D. 
Medical Director 
The Flagship Physician Network